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new website with new blog address

Hello Dear Reader,

I am so excited to tell you, the very new Zenurdel website is launched and the blog will move to site. From now on, new articles will be posted here.

Follow the blog to read interesting design news, packaging articles and visual inspiration! Have a nice day!


Japanese bookbinding



Yesterday I attended in my very first bookbinding course. It is very entertaining and feel so good to hold your own book in the end. It was held by the very kind Flo Garriga. This was the first step on the new path! 

birthday again

birthday again

This is for my eldest nephew! From january to august this kind of post will be regularly

great packaging redesign advices

great packaging redesign advices

This is a great article about packaging re-design.Dos and don’ts with examples!

Valentin cards – lets play

I was thinking about Valentin day and the question of love. Love is not necessarily means amour. So i decided to design some not-so-typical, ready to print downloadable Valentin notecards (double sided, size: 148X105 mm) You can download them and print as many time you need.

From 01 of February a new game will start on Zenurdel facebook page. You can win a 5 piece printed card set of the most popular design if you vote and shear. Drawing of lots and announcement on the 10 of February! Stay tuned!:)


14 – purchase here


Heart – buy here


Coffee – purchase here


Hug- buy here

Zenurdel newsletter

Zenurdel newsletter

From 2014 Zenurdel will start its own newsletter series. Every month you will have a letter fulfilled with interesting and hopefully useful articles about design, illustration, anthropology, marketing, clients, designer and anything I find important to share. This newsletter will be for you hence if you give feedback, the newsletter will be better and better. See you in January!

marketing confession

The confession post has arrived. I will be honest ( i am already hearing the voices, “don’t do that” “is a bad marketing to be honest” “why do you reveal yourself?” but i keep on ) marketing is my weak point and i am willing to make it better as possible. I am reading books/blogs about marketing, i am having a long do to list that i can make easily with little pain.  Marketing is like self marketing. do you want to find friends, call the attention of one particular person or you want sell your service? What is the difference? You have to step there, introduce yourself, smile and be nice. to a completely stranger. You want something. sex or money:) seriously. If you in a bar you want sex (ok, maybe you want to get know her/him before sex) and if you are in a conference/fair you want to sell in order to have (earn / save up / multiply) money. From this point they are the same. But as i arrive to the practical part, i became frozen. If i have to entertain people, find some easy chat it is ok, i don’t have problem until it is about my work that actually i love and i could talk hours though, i became mute. “what do you do?” ” i am a graphic designer” = FAIL. why? Because is sooo boring. So general. And he has lost his interest immediately and i think ” oh God. I won’t start to talk how fun is it look at his face he is just thinking about to find a new subject or to escape somehow” Also I am aware that is better to start with the sentence that I have awesome work because I do this and that and begin to talk about the most actual project. Simply I forget this in the action. I know the cure: practice, practice, practice. What I have learnt so far is that not to be afraid to be afraid. To get scared and be vulnerable is normal. I hate to hide this. I hate to fake that I am professional when I know that I am but others don’t and they have no eyes to measure it. This is where marketing gets sense. The point of view of our prospect is very different from ours. Regardless the segment we are working in, most of the time (in B2C situations) our clients are “civilians” profane humans who has little or less idea about our subject. In my visual communication case it means that, I can make whatever super identity design the prospect does not see the difference between good design and bad design. Has no eyes for it, has no taste, has no interest, only need. So how he will believe that I am really worth the money? He/she will look my reputation, if i got awards, if i made some publishing if i have experience in the same sector where he is working or if i was working for very famous and potent firms. How can I show this in a way that fitting for me and actually i am a good designer without awards, publications and Nike sized company on my client list? I have found my solution in mailing list. I will start from 2014 a newsletter series that shows that I worth the money. I will send to clients, to future to be clients and everybody who is interested in to read about design more regularly than i drive this blog.  Stay tuned, i will share here in case you would like to sign up. For closing, i post some quotes of marketing that i find inspirational for all who has similar problem.


“Make the customer the hero of your story.” – Ann Handley, Chief Content Officer, Marketing Profs

“What people want is the extra, the emotional bonus they get when they buy something they love.” Seth Godin

“Try not to be a man of success but rather a man of value” Albert Einstein

“Don’t find customers for your product, find product for your customers” Seth Godin

“Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing” Benjamin Franklin

“Nine out of ten businesses fail, so I came up with a foolproof plan- create ten businesses” Robert Kiyosaki


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