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Pad printing (tampography) in packaging design

Pad printing is for round or irregular surfaces. There is million of way to use from keyboard to golf ball here I collected some examples of nice pad print  used on packaging.

When it is advisable to use pad printing?

 – When you need high quality printing

– When the surface is irregular

– When  the graphic is detailed with fine lines

– When you want to use multicolor

– For larger volume projects


 – Vary usage, flexibly technic

– Fast

– Print on nearly every material

– Save money on labeling ( ie. cost of label material, printing, application and the cost of transport if they are not located in one place)


 – This method is wear but there are different inks which are highly resistant

– Using only ink no enamel or paint

 Inks types:

 The ink systems currently available to the industry fall into seven different catergories:

  • solvent evaporating
  • oxidation curing
  • reactive (i.e., catalyst curing, two component)
  • baking
  • UV curable
  • sublimation
  • ceramic and glass

More detailed information about inks and methods here


when a designer goes on vacation…

From tomorrow I am officially ON VACATION! Hurray! 🙂 Good bye computer, good bye clients. Welcome beach, welcome smooth breeze in the wood! Of course I can’t stand  without drawing, observing and collecting ideas or looking for inspiration. So I decided to show what will I bring to do all this,  apart from a simple camera, games, clothes and camping stuff.

I am planning to continue my book illustration project that I had to abandon for a while, also I am continuously thinking about the very new side-project (which is a secret yet:) And of course I will take tones of photos, observing fishes, flowers and tourists:) Would be nice to ride horse, visit hidden bays, read good books, eat well and have fun with friends, also practice my weak french.

I am wondering what things other designers are packing for vacation….

vacation preparation

vacation preparation2

vacation preparation3


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middle-east theme February with Zenurdel

This month, February will be about middle-east theme art and design.

I introduce you two calligraphy artist.

Julien Breton is a french artist who have found the intersection between arabic calligraphy and light graffiti. He is spreading his art through different mediums such as dance performance, photography but he is still going on with classical material like ink and paper.

Find some interesting interview with him here or how he is working. 

The other artist is Hassan Massoudi. He is more traditional but he is also contributing with other art mediums. He will have expositions in Paris in the spring of 2013. Here is a nice example of his work.


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