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birthday flow

birthday flow

for my youngest bro.

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birthday flow

birthday flow

When I was child I drew the birthday wishes for my friends and family members. I had this feeling coming back today. Happy birthday to my middle brother!

flat design in packaging and illustration

As the flat design is trending in the website world I would like to see how it will go on other subjects such as illustration or packaging. I really like flat design because I like minimalist and clean structure, I always did and always will. Scandinavian purity is back. In the case of a website is good to have a simple, user-friendly surface and system. The attributes are the following:

01.Srong typography /02.No shadows and gradients in the graphic elements /03.Focus on colors, and there are certain trending colors / 04.Focus on words/content and simple (UI) elements

Ok, but what about packaging and illustration? Is there any flat design trending? There are illustrators who has his/her style flat and vectorial like Lotta Nieminen (and the Maeven identity project which is good example of flat identity design) Other nice example is Patric Hruby ‘s  and Neil Stevens‘s work. Also, HeystudioDesign Surgery and Vincent Mahé (his style reminds me Hergé) have many similar project. We can say that flat design is already has its own place in the world of illustration (not to mention patterns) Easy to capture flat design in icon elements for websites and that is clearly trend not personal style.

What about packaging?

Well, that is other point of view. Websites are for online presence, you can see on the screen and it doesn’t have any visual competitor at the same time when you are visiting it. In the case of packaging, design is depending on the way of selling. If the product is sold in the brand’s shop there is more possibility to use clean and delicate design. If the product is in a chain store or a pharmacy where other competitive designs are together in the same shelf, well, you have to be strong and remarkable. Like the flowers on the field they “fight” for the bug’s attention, packaging has the same intention. Also very important fact that, flat style is not for everybody. I can imagine for products and brands targeting youngsters and babies or for beverages, perhaps for sweets or certain pharmaceutical products.

For conclusion: to use flat design for packaging can be challenging due to marketing and corporative reasons, and that’s  why we find this style more in the editorial and online presence than on the shelves.

paleo artist

Nostalgic feelings in the air…one my favorite child book (among million other) is Burian-Spinar  “Life before man” This is a book series about prehistoric mankind and animals. (pics of english, french and hungarian editions)

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I think is very important in childhood to see and observe high quality illustrations. I don’t remember ever read this book, I was only engaged with the pictures. The illustrator is : Zdenék Burian (1905-1981)  Burian worked in initial cooperation with university palaeontologist Josef Augusta from 1938/39 and subsequently (following Augusta’s death in 1968) with Zdeněk Špinar. Burian made approximately 20 000 illustration.

I  was wondering why and when the paleontology illustration has started.  Wiki says that Sir Richard Owen in 1842 introduced the term, and with Benjamin Waterhouse Hawkins,(1807-1894) created the first life-size sculptures depicting dinosaurs as he thought they may have appeared. This sculptures still are in the Crystal Palace, London.


So as the many fossils has been found as the need started to grow to visualize these magnificent creatures. One of my favorite paleo artist is  Heinrich Harder (1858-1935).

One of the most influential and important artist was Charles R. Knight.(1874-1953) He was for many years the example that other paleo artis were following.

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still middle-east

So far we got know about calligraphy artist, fashion designers from the Middle-East. This post is dedicated for graphic design, illustration and product design.I was looking for good designs not for famous names, and I hope you will like this selection.

Nur Ercan’s seats makes me want to jump on these puffs, and bring home immediately. The lights are so dominating. I can imagine them in art gallery or a big hangar where artists are meeting regulary. 

Murat Palta’s illustration are so funny. I love movies and is nice to watch relevant  illustrations. The persian miniature isnpired theme with movie scenes are precious. Click here to watch them. However is not matching to the middle east subject but to sum-up-movie-illustration I have to mention my favorite: Scott Campbell.

Back to east, I continue my list with Iris Zohar becouse I like the way she thinking about table wear. I would like to try out the Kangaroo Cup.

Sahar Bastry is also designing some ceramic table wear but also little objects to make our life more comfortable.

To close the list here is Selim Ekmen’s pattern collection.  Clean, elegant and beautiful work.


summertime inspiration

after a 7 day holiday I can’t find better moment to present some illustration about summer. enjoy!


by Barbara Tarr


by Sofie Griotto


by David Holmes


by Scott C


by Martin Haake


MH Jeeves


by Catia Chien


by Sempé

This spring I had attended in a workshop, organized by Pati Nunez. It was very useful and I realized what I don’t know yet and I have to practice, practice and practice. The task was a packaging of a spanish sweet bakery product. To cut the long story short, I did this packaging during the workshop, but it wasn’t the final version, because it was waaaay to much. This workshop pointed at I have natural attraction towards drawings rather than typography.

My concept was to show a little “tale” of the history of the product with illustration on the front face of the packaging. Here it is.

Click on this if you would like to see every little detail: bonbon


This is an illustration for the identity of Zenurdel. I chose the first version but I couldn’t stand to play with color combinations.

I’m really interested in fashion illustration, so I have started to play with different style and way of illustration. This is one of them, soon or later the others will appear on this blog. One of my friend told me that maybe would be better without eyes, because compete with the fur…anyway, Im on the beginning of this road.

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