Pad printing (tampography) in packaging design

Pad printing is for round or irregular surfaces. There is million of way to use from keyboard to golf ball here I collected some examples of nice pad print  used on packaging.

When it is advisable to use pad printing?

 – When you need high quality printing

– When the surface is irregular

– When  the graphic is detailed with fine lines

– When you want to use multicolor

– For larger volume projects


 – Vary usage, flexibly technic

– Fast

– Print on nearly every material

– Save money on labeling ( ie. cost of label material, printing, application and the cost of transport if they are not located in one place)


 – This method is wear but there are different inks which are highly resistant

– Using only ink no enamel or paint

 Inks types:

 The ink systems currently available to the industry fall into seven different catergories:

  • solvent evaporating
  • oxidation curing
  • reactive (i.e., catalyst curing, two component)
  • baking
  • UV curable
  • sublimation
  • ceramic and glass

More detailed information about inks and methods here


2 thoughts on “Pad printing (tampography) in packaging design

  1. Tampography is a great and flexible printing technique . I like it

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