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Hello Dear Reader,

I am so excited to tell you, the very new Zenurdel website is launched and the blog will move to site. From now on, new articles will be posted here.

Follow the blog to read interesting design news, packaging articles and visual inspiration! Have a nice day!


Japanese bookbinding



Yesterday I attended in my very first bookbinding course. It is very entertaining and feel so good to hold your own book in the end. It was held by the very kind Flo Garriga. This was the first step on the new path! 

birthday flow

birthday flow

for my youngest bro.

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birthday again

birthday again

This is for my eldest nephew! From january to august this kind of post will be regularly

Pad printing (tampography) in packaging design

Pad printing is for round or irregular surfaces. There is million of way to use from keyboard to golf ball here I collected some examples of nice pad print  used on packaging.

When it is advisable to use pad printing?

 – When you need high quality printing

– When the surface is irregular

– When  the graphic is detailed with fine lines

– When you want to use multicolor

– For larger volume projects


 – Vary usage, flexibly technic

– Fast

– Print on nearly every material

– Save money on labeling ( ie. cost of label material, printing, application and the cost of transport if they are not located in one place)


 – This method is wear but there are different inks which are highly resistant

– Using only ink no enamel or paint

 Inks types:

 The ink systems currently available to the industry fall into seven different catergories:

  • solvent evaporating
  • oxidation curing
  • reactive (i.e., catalyst curing, two component)
  • baking
  • UV curable
  • sublimation
  • ceramic and glass

More detailed information about inks and methods here

great packaging redesign advices

great packaging redesign advices

This is a great article about packaging re-design.Dos and don’ts with examples!

Valentin cards – lets play

I was thinking about Valentin day and the question of love. Love is not necessarily means amour. So i decided to design some not-so-typical, ready to print downloadable Valentin notecards (double sided, size: 148X105 mm) You can download them and print as many time you need.

From 01 of February a new game will start on Zenurdel facebook page. You can win a 5 piece printed card set of the most popular design if you vote and shear. Drawing of lots and announcement on the 10 of February! Stay tuned!:)


14 – purchase here


Heart – buy here


Coffee – purchase here


Hug- buy here

birthday flow

birthday flow

When I was child I drew the birthday wishes for my friends and family members. I had this feeling coming back today. Happy birthday to my middle brother!

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